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12 Steps by Joseph Anderson
There's a recovery program for everything these days...Gabrielle helps Xena through a meeting of Mass Murderers Anonymous.

55 Words by Killing Joke
Summary pending.

Abnormal Fear of Eights by Ukki
Stranded in the village of Throcada for a few days, Gabrielle must overcome her fear of spiders to save a village placed under a curse.

Acceptance by Kamouraskan 
Ares bargains with Xena to change her and Gabrielle's lives together, thus avoiding the events in the Ides of March.

Accidents Will Happen by Xebbie 
Despite agreeing that the night they spent together was purely an accident, Joxer and Gabrielle's attempts to get on with their lives as if nothing happened are hampered by the fact that their desire for one another isn't spent yet. Fourth in the Pillow Talk series.

Accomodations Complications by Bardic Bliss 
Summary unavailable.

The Accused by Dhyanna
Gabrielle faces execution for a regicidal murder she committed while defending Xena.

Admissions by Heather
Ares talks about his feelings for Xena to Aphrodite.

Adrift by Kwipinky 
Gabrielle tries to make some sense out of the events she faced in her last battle beside the Warrior Princess.

Adventures in the Babysitting Trade by Gabscroll 
Xena is off doing an errand for her mother while Gabrielle tries to bond with Faith. But babysitting isn't all fun and games as she soon finds out.

The Adventures of Young Ephiny: Episode One - Coming of Age by L.Fox 
"Back story" about Ephiny's early years, through the battle in which she earns her Amazon mask

Aegean Crossing by Nancy M 
Xena agrees to sail a ship to Piraeus with the sea-sick bard > as her only crew

After All These Years by Monica Smith Lost Story. If you have a link please email us.
Xena and Gabrielle run into a Callisto look-a-like.

After The Arrows by J. Stephens
Joxer in love with Gabrielle? See what happened after the arrows that Bliss shot.

After Horde by Baermer  
A strangely subdued Xena and a traumatized Gabrielle finally discuss the events that occurred during their stay at the Athenian army outpost.*Recommended by CN*

After I Died by J. Stephens
After Gabrielle nearly dies in the temple of healing (Is There A Doctor In The House), she and Xena talk about friendship.

After the Battle by Onora
A vignette about the emotion filled moments following a battle.

After the Power by Lissia 
Xena and Ares travel together along with Gabrielle, Eve and Lissia. Ares is still mortal and they are now taking on a warlord that used to serve Athena who’s now attacking Amphipolis and it’s up to them to save the town.

After the Volcano by Mary Morgan 
Xena is missing while Gabrielle helps the victims of a volcano.

After Xena by Gail Futoran Lost Story. If you have a link please email us.
What does Callisto do with her life after killing Xena?

Afterlife by XeniteSupreme
Gabrielle traipses around the Elysian Fields as a frantic Xena attempts to revive her.

Afterlife - Episode 1 by Andreas Hloupy 
In this first in a series of alternate interpretations of the episodes of season 5; Xena, Gabrielle, and Ceasar are judged in the underworld.

Aftermath by Sparrow on Bards Of The Xenaverse
A post friend in need story and Gabrielle returns to greece to tell her friends what happened in Japan

Aftershock by J. Stephens
What would happen if Gabrielle was still having nightmares about Callisto?

Afterwards by Enchantress Devilresse 
Xena's thoughts on Ares giving up his immortality.

AfterWords by Rebekah 
Follow-up to 'The Quest'. Xena and Gabrielle discuss the events surrounding Xena's death and resurrection.

Against All Odds By BlueRaven
Xena and Gabrielle search for a way to be together again without betraying the souls Xena died to save.

Agape by Richard Carter Jr
Draco plots to gain Xena's love with the help of Aphrodite and it's up to Gabrielle to foil his plan. Screenplay format.

The Age of Ice by Astra 
Ares is overwhelmed with grief after Xena dies.

Agnes by Briar
This is the story of a priestess named Agnes when she was still a child. She is later involved in an adventure with Xena and Gabrielle.

Agony's End by John Dorsey Lost Story. If you have a link please email us.
A different ending for "Sacrifice II"

Alien by Steven Mulligan Lost Story. If you have a link please email us.
'Alien' cross-over. A deadly force is loose in a castle and Joxer, Gabrielle, Xena, and Callisto must defeat it.

Alise by Delenn 
Summary pending

All Except One by Maureen Lost Story. If you have a link please email us.
Ares asks Aphrodite for a favor.

All Ravelled Threads by Wakar Lost Story. If you have a link please email us.
'Avengers' cross-over.

All Through The Night by Rebekah 
Gabby tends to a wounded Xena.

Allied With The Enemy by Aurora
Xena allies with Ares against Dahak and Hope. Some new feelings are discovered. Takes place after Sacrifice Part II.

Almost Home by Rebekah 
Follow up of 'The Debt'. Gabby and Xena return from Chin.

Alternate Armageddon by Beckers
A new twist to Armageddon Now (Part Two) Iolaus saves Gabrielle from Xena the evil warrior queen.

The Alternative Factor by Daniel Wackerman 
All I'll say about this one is that you're in for a bit of a surprise - maybe. Then again, you may figure out what the author's done here real quick.

Always and Forever by Madeline 
No summary at this time

Amazons Endangered by Zany Lost Story. If you have a link please email us.
Xena, Gabby and Ephiny travel to Thrace to help a group of Amazons being targeted by a local warlord.

Amazon Fate by cat 
The story of Amarice's past.

The Amazon Queen's New Clothes by Phil Hernandez
Gabrielle receives a make-over from the Amazon Fashion Police.

The Amazon Way By C.Pugh Lost Story. If you have a link please email us.
The Amazons reinstate Valeria as their Queen but she must make an important decision about her future with the tribe.

Amidst The Forest's Leafy Green by Mnemosyne 
A despondent Joxer contemplates suicide.

Amity Reborn by Maggie
Gabby loses her memory.

Amphipolis by AngelKim 
Xena's life before the ill-fated day when Cortese attacked her home

The Amulet of Deception by Sherrie Johnson aka True Blue
A magic necklace makes the wearer whoever they want to be.

An Echo From The Past by Sambrea 
Xena has been an immortal for over 3000 years and is a crewmember of the Voyager. She enlists the help of Janeway to get her life with Gabrielle back.

An Empty Heart by IceWing 
Follow up to 'Comedy of Eros'. Joxer commits suicide.

An Elusive Deed: Damsel 8 by Ann Logan Lost Story. If you have a link please email us.
Xena leads Gabby and Tasha on a beguiling adventure.

An Ending by Tlachtga
Callisto traps the warrior.

An Interview With A Bard by Donald Scott
Interview with a Vampire take off featuring Gabrielle.

An Unusual Grasp on Reality by Scheherazade 
After a mine collapses, Xena is summoned to an island by a mysterious man. An angry Hercules follows and soon they find themselves embroiled in more than just a mystery.

Anastasia by Daniel Wackerman 
A certain psycho's long lost and thought to be dead twin sister returns to the Classical Greco-Roman World, on the 'Retribution' timeline. The Amazons' War of Retribution against Rome is in full swing, as is the second Roman Civil War in less than a decade.

And In The End… by AngelKim 
The authors thoughts on what could happen if the rumour of Xena's demise at the end of the series were true.

And The Baddest Is...? by Clarkbigsky
Xena goes up against a town bully.

Ancient Millenium by Annemaart 
Xena and Gab chat about the approaching millennium.

Ancient Voyage by KevinL
'Star Trek: Voyager' cross over. The voyager crew visits the pair.

And Justice For All by Wilma3
Xena stands trial for past crimes.

And The Baddest Is...? by Clarkbigsky 
Xena goes up against a town bully.

Angel In My Eyes by Paully Adams 
This vignette explores why Gabrielle stayed with Xena when Xena tried to get rid of her in season four.

Anniversary by diva 
Summary pending

The Anniversary Party by J. Stephens 
Xena and Gabrielle come back home to help Cyrene out with the inn. It's also their anniversary--will they get to celebrate it in peace?

Another Boring Day by Ernie Whiting
55 word story entry

Another Side of Ares by DQiscool
Ares proclaims his love for Xena.

Another Time, Another Place by Tyche 
Take off of 'The Gauntlet' and 'Unchained Heart'. Herc and Iolaus find Gabby beaten on the road side and assume it's the work of the 'Destroyer of Nations'.

Another Time Another Place by ObiHope
Take off of characters from the Xena scrolls.

Another Time, Another Solstice Eve by Beowolf 
It's Winter Solstice Eve and Gabby tries to keep up the holiday spirit in spite of an injured Xena.

Another Way by Brigid Doyle
Follow up to 'Maternal Instincts'. A mysterious woman tries to heal Xena and Gabby's relationship.

Anything for Love by Julie 
Alternate ending to Motherhood.

Aphrodite's Secret by Filippa Morgan Flasheart
Joxer goes shopping for a gift for Gabby

Aphrodite's Party by Ares' Chosen 
Xena and Gabrielle agree to attend an all-week part at Aphrodite's

Apollo's Date by Steph 
Apollo takes Xena out on a date. Will she leave with the one she came with?

Appetite by Vivian Darkbloom 
Post FIN fiction.

The Archon by Lara Zielinsky
Xena and Gabrielle are summoned to Athens to attend the installation ceremonies of Greece's first democratically elected leader: The Archon Solan.

Are You THE Herodotus? by Simahoyo
A general story about Gabrielle returning home from Eygpt to confront her father about his adventurous youth. A light-hearted look at her dysfunctional family, and how children seem to take after either one parent or the other

Ares a La Mode by Smenzeron 
Ares tries to rescue Gabrielle from the cannibals' cooking pot, only to get caught himself. Can Xena rescue them in time?

Ares Bound by Joseph Anderson
Ares is held accountable for betraying his fellow gods.

Ares' Chosen by Silk
Xena discusses her history with the God of War.

Ares' Curse by Silk
Ares remembers his time with Xena.

Ares Gave to Xe By Madeline 
Summary Pending

Ares God of War or Should We Say Diapers By Ashley 
This is the sequel to Daughter of Xena

Ares' Interlude by J. Stephens
Ares sends Spike out to undo the love that Gabrielle and Xena have discovered.

Ares' Love by Yin-Yin Wang
Ares nurses an injured Xena back to health.

Ares in Love by XenaLR
Ares servant falls for him.

Ares' Point by Madeline 
A twisted spin-off from 'Coming Home' where Ares considers suicide and it's up to Xena to save him.

Ares Rift by Kwipinky 
Mavican joins with Ares to trick Xena and Gabrielle's family and friends into thinking the two are dead. Hercules is suspicious.

Ares' Servant by Vicky
Joxer steals Argo at Callisto's request.

Argo and the Golden Horde by anonymous 
First entry in the best General Argo category; authorship is anonymous until end of contest

Argo, Mare of Justice by anonymous 
authorship is anonymous until after the contest

Argo's Stable by Story-Tag
Written by members of Argo's Stable, the first story is a version of Ides Of March, the second is a Xena and Gabrielle fairy tale.

Argo's Stable (2) by Taiko
Story # 2 in a colleciton of Fairy Tales. A bard tells her grandchildren one of Xena and Gabrielle's adventures.

Aris's Ashes by Mcjude 
Gabrielle tells Ares of Xena's death while taking her ashes to Amphipolis

Armageddon by J. Stephens
A different Xena? Or an alternate Xenaverse? You decide.

Around the Campfire by Lexxie  
Sitting around the campfire, Joxer is being his usual annoying self and Gabrielle is wondering why she can't just be mad at him. Meanwhile, Xena wishes that Ares would just come on out of hiding and admit his feelings for her.

Arrows and Hearts by Jacqi McKinney 
Joxer has a new love as he goes up against Draco.

Arrows of Disaster by Wirchler
'Agents of the Balance' crossover.

Artemis' Gifts by Liz Zellner aka Goldmoon
Herc and Iolaus team up with the girls to fight a dragon.

As Good As My Word by Crewella
King Lias asks Xena to end his life.

As the Chakram Twirls by Lizzy/Tendre aka N10DRE2
Gabrielle is at the end of her rope.

As the Crow Flies by Arlene Bolton
Xena and Gabrielle walk through the aftermath of a recent battle, and they both try to come to terms with the fact that one day Xena may be dead on a battlefield.

As the Day Dawns by Lariel 
Gabrielle leaves home to go with Xena.

The Ashes Of Cirra by Linda Tellez aka Saahira
Callisto comes across a man fleeing his burning village.

Ashes to Ashes by Cherokee 
Leaving the land of the Pharaohs and making that long journey homeward to return her fallen warrior's ashes to their final resting place in Amphipolis, Gabrielle meets a stranger and finds answers to questions she didn't ask, and questions to answers she didn't expect.

Ask Solari by Mary Terrell
The Amazon gives advice in an Athenian newspaper column (humor).

Aspen's Child by Culprit 
Xena and Gabrielle encounter a spirit at the base of an Aspen tree.

Asunder FF by Lizzy/Tendre aka N10DRE2
Xena is called to King Philip of Macedon.

Athens Daily by Jane 
The latest news reports about the Warrior Princess, brought to you by the Athens Daily.

Athens High by Tali
All of the main characters are in high school together.

Athens University by Tali 
Sequel to Athens High.

Athena's Village by Sundevil
Gabby meets with her long lost sister.

Attention Shoppers By JadeCB (parody)
Xena and Ares go head to head for bargains

The Auction by Killing Joke 
What would happen, who would show up when our dear beloved warrior princess would be auctioned off to support an orphanage...

Aurora by Kim
No summary at this time

Avenged by Steve Conn Lost Story. If you have a link please email us.
Violent tale of Callisto seeking revenge and using Gabby as a means.

Avenging Eve by Ashley 
This is the tenth instalment in the Fate series.

Awakening by Laine R. Lawless 
Warlord Xena meet barmaid Gabrielle.

Babylon Fire by Arthur Chappell
Xena's reaction to the destruction of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon by villain, Heliostratus.

Babylon Five: The Xena Ryan Chronicles by Daniel Wackerman  
Cross-over with Babylon5

Babylon Five: The Kelly Leick Chronicles by Daniel Wackerman  
Cross-over with Babylon5

The Babysitter by WordWarior
Thirteen-year-old Xena must baby-sit the child of travelers from Potedaia.

Back to School by Joe Anderson
Xena goes to the future to help Callisto, Kim and Meleager fight herself after she goes mad, becoming the Bitch of Tartarus.

Backstage by Cat 
The story of what really happened backstage during Lyre, Lyre.

Bad Girl by Cyrene 
Nika spreads her wings. Sequel to Bad Boy.

Bad Seeds by Darth Skeye 
No summary available

Bad Weather by Jacqi McKinney 
Xena tries to help a village.

Baklava by Firestorm
The girls by the campfire.

Ballad of Xena and Gabrielle by Lawrence Sfurin
A folksong sung to the tune of The Ballad of John and Yoko.

Bard in a Cage by Barbara Davies 
A fan of Gabrielle's takes things a bit too far.

Bard Times by Catkin
Gabrielle and a reluctant Xena enter a talent show

Bards Galore by Julia 
Summary pending

The Bard's Tale by Rebecca Weiner aka Aceberry
Gabby can't tell stories and is haunted by nightmares.

Bardic Theories by Jax
Gabrielle's theories about the natural world begin to affect Xena's fighting skills.

Bardic Theories by Karen Dunn 
Gabrielle tries to convince Xena that the world is round.

The Battle by Mary E. Terrell
Gabrielle writes a poem pledging her support for Xena.

The Battle (2) by Raye 
Joxer's journey after the events of "Ides of March."

Battle Cry by Fred Wong 
Gabrielle and Joxer go to Potadeia while Xena goes her own way to stay out of the way of Pompeii and Caesar and the Roman civil war.

Battle of Life by Ashley
Second instalment in the Fates Series

The Battle of the Two Fates by Jennifer Zellers
Xena returns to the living and tries to change the course of events in "Ides of March."

Battle of Warriors by Ron Gillespie
Xena and Gabby met a man traveling to a tornament.

Be Careful of What You Wish For by Donald Scott
Strife spends time causing problems for Xena and Gabirelle when he grants what they ask for, though in the end he gets paid back.

Bed of Thorns by Mags                                                                                                             Warlord Xena and Ares spend some time together after Xena's latest victory.

Beavis and Butthead Do Macedonia by snooperboy
Title says it all.

Because I Love Her by Caina Q. Fuller

Been There, Done That, Hated It by Jacqi McKinney
Take off of 'BTDT'. Joxer doesn't come back to life.

Been There, Done That, Too by John Dorsey
'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' cross-over.

Before Eternity by Xedra and Friend 
Takes place between "EndGame" and "Ides of March", Ephiny tries to find peace in the afterlife.

Before the Tales by Kalleasto. Lost Story. If you have an link please email us.
The Prequal to "The Tavern Tales" tells the story of how Kalleasto and Crursaelequai met

Before Their Time by Xat
A what if story: Hercules helps Xena defend Amphipolis from Cortese.

The Beginning by CCAmazon 
After being married for almost a year, Iolaus and Gabrielle find themselves separated, with Iolaus going to help stop a war not knowing Gabrielle is pregnant. Sequel to What If....

The Beginning (2) by Tango 
A fairy tale concerning a warrior princess named Xena.

Behold A Pale Horse by Karen Surtees
Xena and Gabrielle mysteriously appear in the amazon village after a ceremony performed by a town of Ares' minions fails.

Believe By Alicia 
Ares always comes running when Xena calls, this time is no different...

Beloved Slave by Daniel Wackerman 
Yet another alternate resolution to the Third Season Rift. This one is based upon the idea that no matter how angry she is with Gabrielle,Xena still takes the concept of the Honorable Warrior seriously, and that Gabrielle is willing to do *anything* to salvage their friendship.

Berries by Cat
A haunting story where Xena and Gabrielle are separated after a battle.

Berry Wine by Melissa 
A tale of Callisto's years, before she took a life.

The Best in Love by PeriBear
Violent tale of Gabby being raped and the aftershocks that the pair go through.

The Best Word Possible by McJude 
A post fin story

The Betrayal by Hamutal 
Wild teenaged Xena gets her first taste of love, betrayal, power struggles and revenge

Betrayals by Ian Horne  [MIXED]
To learn Xena's plans, Brutus subjects his hostage Gabrielle to an unusual torture. This rating is for explicit f/f and m/f sex, bdsm and potentially non-consensual sex.

The Better Part of Valor by Maggie
A childhood friend of the warrior saves her and Gabrielle.

Better Safe Than Sorry by Timelord
Pan sends Xena into the future.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place by Robert 
Xena and Gabby go up against slavers

Between a Rock and a Hard Place (Part II) by Robert 
A guest script.

Between The Lines Of LL's Post by Lizzy/Tendre aka N10DRE2
Parody of a LL letter to her fans.

Between the Times Series by Brigid Doyle 
Gabrielle doesn't listen to Xena when she is told not to play with Xena's sword.

Beware Of Blond Bards, Rashes, And Vortexes! by Electra 
Summary pending

Beyond Redemption by Wishes (Judy) 
When does redemption come? Very short story.

Beyond Togetherness by Tarena Scott
Xena is pregnant.

Big Surprises In Little Packages by Susan A. Rice 
A Little Xena and Little Gabrielle story. An answer to the question: "But how did the little girls meet?"

Big Brothers by A Fan 

Big Top Xena by Blitzgal
Summary unavailable.

The Biggest Mistake Of My Life by Aurora 
After Ares saves Xena from the icy waters she decides to talk to him, but realises that she is not being completely honest about her feelings.

Binding the Soul by hobbes 
Post Perdicas angst.

Birthright by L.M. Townsend 
Xena helps fulfil a promise to the mother of a kidnapped child.

Bitter Treat by Jsandsmark
A new twist to Bitter Suite.

The Black Mastiff by Keefer
Xena and Gabrielle investigate deaths in a village.

Blades Of The Red Sun by Saul Trabal 
Xena and Gabrielle try to stop the Romans from finding a sacred chalice which would give them vast powers

Bliss by Ashley 
Summary pending

The Blonde  by Brigit M Morgan 
Post FIN fiction. This story occurs about one year after the story "To Rest," and therefore three after FIN.

Blonde on Black by Tim Wellman 
Callisto has escaped and is busy raiding villages when her warriors discover Joxer camped nearby.

Blood and Honor by Kaiser
No summary at this time.

The Blood Kings by Joe Anderson
Forever Knight crossover. Nick tells Natalie about his time with the bacchae.

Blood Loyalty by E.A. Week
The murder of a popular actor in Corinth turns up a most unlikely suspect.

Blood Moon by John W. Woznack Lost Story. If you have a link please email us.
Xena has to keep the world save from Bacchus again.

Blood Stained Hands by Ancient Avenger 

Blooper by Xenrielle 
Xenrielle offers readers a chance to join in a blooper hunt.

The Boadicea Affair by Suzi R.
Xena and Gabrielle travel to Britannia to help Boadicea in her fight against Caesar's army.

Bodyrock by Xebbie 
Gabrielle finally finds time to spend alone with Joxer. Eighth in the Pillow Talk series.

Bouncing Back by Filippa Morgan Flasheart
A "Friends" story.

The Box and the Bait by mlocket
Village women are disappering as Xena and Gabrielle are hunted by the townspeople.

Brand New Day by HonorH 
As she spends her first full day with Gabrielle, Xena ponders her past, present, and future

The Bravest of Heroes by Jrpanther and Ramleaf 
Joxer reflects upon the changes in Gabrielle in season five. He takes an arrow for Gabrielle, causing her to reflect upon the ways she has mistreated Joxer in the last year.

Braving the Inner Storm by Saul Trabal 
Joxer, wracked with guilt over his murder of Criton, has been hiding for about a month from everyone-including Xena and Gabrielle. He collapses in exhaustion, and is found by Meg who tries to nurse him back to health.

Breaking the Ice by Mary Morgan
Xena and Gabrielle save a village from starvation and a mysterious figure.

Breaking Through by Jrpanther 
Ephiny comes across a very stubborn and traumatized amazon, named Amarice, who tells a tale of what happened to her tribe.

Brother and Brother and Brother by Aihne 
Joxer must break the law to save a family member while Gabrielle fears Xena is turning back to her evil ways.

Brunhilda's Revenge by Balticbard 
Brunhilda will do anything to get back at her man.

The Brygos Painter Does Xena by Archaeobard 
Janice and Mel discover an erotic artifact.

Bubble Bath by David Lomax
The pair defend a newlywed couple caught in a village dispute

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Meets Xena by Steven Dale
Title says it all.

Burn by Zwolf 
The duo encounter a deadly cool warrior woman while camping in woods where others have disappeared, been tortured and crucified.

Burn, Heaven, Burn by Andreas Hloupy 
Xena in the Elysian Fields and Gabrielle in Tartarus suffer from their separation

Burnt Offerings by Caren Adams aka boobookitty 
A 'chatroom' story.

But We're Not the Same by Atara
Gabrielle and Xena discuss the rift.

By A Neck by Clarkbigsky 
Summary pending

By Firelight by Lariel on 
Xena's thoughts about Gabrielle, set early on in their relationship.

Bye Bye Love by Joseph Anderson
Xena and Gabrielle say a final goodbye to Aphrodite.

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