Alternative Titles


20 Ways To Get Rid Of Joxer by PatR. - Story on the way. Should have it shortly.
Name Says it all

A New Dawn by Leapr
Xena's thoughts after Gabrielle falls into the pit with Hope.

Ab Initio - part one By Cruise
Part one, sequel to Indescretions.

Ab Initio II by Cruise
Sequel to "Indiscretions."

About My Partner by Phantombard 
A sweet vignette.

About that Kiss by Trish Kerr (Phopas)
Gabrielle and the amazons come to Xena's aid when she is captured

Acceptance by Murphy
Continuing story

An Acceptable Sacrifice by XMP 
As Jett is making a sacrifice to Ares, Ares appears thinking it's Joxer. Even though Ares finally realizes it's not Joxer, he and Jett still have sex.

Accidental Find by Dark Xena
Janice's daughter Teddy makes a surprising discovery.

The Accused by Dyhanna
Gabrielle loosing her blood innocence in a different way and Xena desperately fighting to try to save her friend from the repercussions

Act As If by Joe Murphy
Xena and Gabrielle attend the wedding of Joxer and Meg

Act Three of The Joxer Rebellion by Phil Hernandez 
Xena and Gabrielle experience the impact of Joxer's actions in the Amazon village, and Joxer hires on as a merchant's guard, plus we get to visit the islands of Andros and Tinos.

Actions and Reactions by Red Hope 
Actions and Reactions is the opening story for the new Third Series. A short flash fiction on how Xena and Gabrielle confess their love after A Day in a Life.

Adventure of a Lifetime by MomBard 
Two women archaeologists travel back in time and meet their great ancestors, Xena and Gabrielle.

The Adventures of Gabrielle (and some other person) by Claire Withercross 
No summary at this time

Adventures In the Con Trade by Mil Toro
Gabrielle and Xena go to the SF Con to catch Alti's appearance and encounter an old apprentice of Xena's

Adventures in the Rewrite Trade by Amazon 
Otere seduces a sexy story out of Xena.

Adventure of a Lifetime by MomBard
Two women archaeologists travel back in time and meet their great ancestors, Xena and Gabrielle.

Adventures of Batsky and Wordee by Bat Morda and WordWarior
Parody of the Xenaverse

The Adventures of Young Ephiny: Coming of Age by L. Fox 
A wonderful story about a young Ephiny, and the trials and tribulations that come with being an Amazon

The Adventures of Young Ephiny: Alone by L.Fox 
It is also a follow-up to the story The Adventures of Young Ephiny: Coming of Age…...

Adventures in the Rewrite Trade by Amazon
Otere seduces a sexy story out of Xena.

Adverse Reactions by Shea
Gabrielle develops a mysterious illness that only Xena can cure.

The Aegis by Rachel Staples (Rachel2)
Janice and Mel search for more scrolls and Zeus' shield *recommended by CN*

An Affair To Remember by Scarlette Skye and Randi DuMois 
Zeus gives Ares permission to kill Hercules' greatest follower, Iolaus, but Ares does not have permission to kill any of Hercules' lovers. Hercules manages to protect Xena, with the help of Xena and Joxer

The African Queen by Bibbit
King Solomon calls for Xena to help protect a neighboring ruler.

After By Lace Priest 
Sequel to Release Me, takes place the following morning, with Gabrielle having to disarm Xena's fears about how Gabrielle will now feel about her.

After All These Years by T.Novan
What happens when Gabrielle believes Xena to be lost to her forever. Xena has been missing for eight years and Gabrielle's about to take another Amazon as her consort

After Amphipolis by Charmer
This serious, dark story explores the relationship between the birth of Eve and Hope's mission

After Eros by WrshpXena
Recounts the events following the ep 'Comedy of Eros', in which a certain warrior discovers very real feelings for her companion.

After I Died by J.S. Stephens
Set after the episode 'Is There A Doctor In The House' Gabrielle and Xena talk about friendship

After Midnight by firefly 
Janice is in a romantic mood.

After the Bath by Erato Bard
LaoMa and Xena's coupling

After the Bitter Suite by Bluesong 
(Warning: Violence and sexual assault) The Amazons hire a band of mercenaries to capture Xena but don't know that even they have a motive for capturing the Warrior Princess

After The Cave by Ri 
Set after the events in the Abyss, Xena and Gabrielle talk about Hope.

After the Crucifixion by Alan Plessinger
Despite Gabrielle's best efforts, Hades must part Xena and Gabrielle after their deaths. Gabrielle is desparate to join her partner in Tartarus if need be

After the Crusade by Marion Tuttle
Xena and Gabby deal with the aftershock of Najara. *recommended by CN Winters*

After The Game's End by Velvet
After her death, Ephiny travels to the Land of the Dead and helps Cyane come to terms with her own past.

After The Flames by K.M. McHugh
This story begins where "A Family Affair" left off. Xena and Gabrielle take their friendhip to a new level.

After The Glitter by Sam Ruskin 
Continuation of In Her Dreams and Telling Secrets.

After The Honeymoon by Donna E. Trifilo and Catherine M. Wilson
Hilarious adventures of Xena and Gabrielle involving a catalogue of and what they order from it....*recommended by Absinthe

After The Pain by Tragedy88 
After Dahak, Gabrielle returns home but finds out without Xena her life is meaningless.

After The Return by Marion Tuttle
Set after the episode 'Sacrifice' Gabrielle and Xena find love.

After the Siege by UDK_Bard 
A playful little vignette where Gabrielle wants Xena to explain her comments at the end of the episode "Amphipolis Under Siege". PG 13-15 maybe.

After the Sunset by Caria M. Gilles
A post FIN story

After the Volcano by Mary Morgan
A man with a grudge runs into the young bard at a difficult time

Aftermath by Lace Priest
Sequel to Release.

Aftermath by Georgia
Joxer realizes that Gabrielle loves Xena and not him as he faces the Bard's death.

Aftermath by Pink Rabbit Productions
Follow up to 'The Deliverer'.

Aftermath by rstlshart
No summary at this time

The Aftermath by Janys
Events following Gabrielle's queenhood and Xena's 're-birth'

Aftermath: The Tree Of Life by XWP Fanatic
Set in the Hercules "Armageddon Now" timeline, Gabrielle is an insurrectionist who survives being captured and hung on a cross only to end up as a personal attendant for Xena The Conqueror. *recommended by Absinthe*

Aftermath and Passage by Rickey 
Sequel to Jett's Revenge, takes place several months later. When Jett returns to have sex with Gabrielle, Xena also gets into the act.

Aftermath of the Angels by Alan Plessinger
Xena and Gabrielle mull over the lessons they each learned while on the Other Side. Contains spoilers for Fallen Angel.

Afternoon Break by Towandababe 
Xena and Gabrielle enjoy an afternoon of fun and loving.

Afternoon Break - Part Deux by TowandaBabe 
Continuation of the Ground Rules series.

Afternoon Delight by Minerva
Xena comes home late from a hard day and Gabrielle takes it upon herself to relax her . . .

Aftershock by Tymedancer
Xena, Joxer, and Ares team up to defeat Hope.

Aftershocks by JoeyRZ 
Sequel to Misunderstood. Ares has erased Joxer's memory of the forced sex they had, so the lovers are back together. Ares, however, hasn't forgotten.

Afterthoughts by Ryder 
Fantasies through Xena and Gabrielle's eyes

Afterthoughts by BJ O'Donnell
Gabrielle's thoughts after OAAA.

Agony by TZ and Silk
Xena's agony over her desire for Gabrielle overcomes her restraint.

Aidan's Garden by JadeCB Temporary Link. If you know a permanent one please email us.
Xena and Gabrielle are mysteriously back in Aidan's Garden; Alti answers a personal ad.

Alex by Sarah Miller  
Sequel to "Certain Skills." Three years later after Xena's death, Gabrielle struggles to do be the best Queen she can. During an Amazon tribute to Artemis, Gabrielle meets an Amazon named Alex.

Alice's Alternative by Puckster
Valaska is back in the 21st century and it's up to Xena and Gabby to stop her

All Bets Off by Themiscrya
On a drunken bet, an old friend of Xena challenges that she can seduce the bard*recommended by CN*

All But The Heart by Apollo 
A restless Conqueror on a quest to regain the spark that drove her for so many years finds more than she ever dared to dream of in a simple farm boy and an Amazon Queen.

All I Ever Wanted Was You by Nene Adams
Xena is haunted by the ghost of an old lover who wants her back.

All In A Year's Work-Winter by L. Fox
A lifelong friend of Gabby's relates a tale from the bard's deathbed.

All In A Year's Work-Spring by L. Fox
An old enemy of Xena's heads a raging army and she must rally forces to stop them.

All The Better Than One by Blade Mast
Xena and Autolycus have need of a bard, but Gabrielle is in Poteidaia with Perdicus.

All Souls Night by Joseph Connell
Gabrielle as the child of Bacchus

All's Fair In Love... by Fu Bard
Aphrodite and Cupid settle a bet concerning Xena and Gabrielle's love life.

All's Fair in Love and War by Five Bards Temporary Link. If you know a permanent one please email us.
How far will Gabby go to get Xena the warlord to change her ways?

All's Fair in Love and War by Jheran McAlister
Ares needs a mortal's love--Joxer's, but Joxer only wants to be with Autolycus.

All Hallow's Eve by L. Crystal Michallet 
Xena decides to play a joke on Gabrielle during Samhain only to have the joke played back on her by a few 'little people'.

All or Nothing by Kelly 
In a PWP, Hercules' brother, Iphicles, learns to serve his new master as a love slave.

All That Matters by CN Winters
Xena's thoughts on why she loves Gabrielle during the birthday party in "Takes One to Know One"

All The Colors Of The World by Vivian Darkbloom
Janice and Mel go over another scroll about Gabrielle's role with the amazons

All The Time In The World by Ri 
Author's note: I am borrowing the characters from Xena to work some issues from the episode, Between The Lines. A few little loose ends that I needed to work out after I saw it.

All You Need Is Love by TZ
Aphrodite has a few surprising revelations to share with Gabrielle.

Alone by Starwarrior
After the rift, Xena sends Gabby away

Alternative Fan Fiction Cliche List by Bongo Bear et al
Title says it All.*recommended by CN*

Alternatives Of The Heart by Lyssa
Xena, filled with battle lust, returns to Gabrielle

Always by Grit 
The sequel to the post FIN story "Never". summary: Gabrielle is still on the ship that is headed to new beginnings. But sometimes waking up alone is the hardest part...

Always, Gabrielle by Verrath 
It's another Tell-Me-companion, set about a year after "Remember When, Gabrielle".

Amandi by spqr 
Xena and Gabrielle attend the Feast of Demeter in Athens.

The Amazons' Boy by Day 
Traveling to the Amazons, Xena and Gabrielle encounter an old acquaintance of the warrior and soon both of their lives, and the faith of the Amazon Nation are at stake.

Amazon.Come by MaryE
Xena is frustrated as Gabrielle doesn't want to be intimate while in the Amazon village, worried about her queenly "dignity"

Amazon Dawn by Klancy7
Artemis delays the dawn to help Xena and Ephiny undo the effects of sorcery on the Amazon village

Amazon Encounter by Anne Azel 
Summary pending

The Amazon Nation: Series by shadowdancer 
Short vignette with Solari and Eponin.

The Amazon Queen: Series by L. M. Townsend
Summary pending

Amazon Tea Party by Larisa  .
Gabrielle and Xena must deal with two very, um, frustrated Amazons.

Amazon Truths by Shana and Kye 
Part 20 of The Xena and Gabrielle XXX Scrolls. Xena and Gabrielle learn they've both been keeping secrets about what happened the first time they met up with Ephiny's tribe. Extremely explicit.

Amazon, Warrior...Bard by T. Novan 
Gabrielle decides her pregnant warrior needs a night at the inn.

Amazon Warrior Princess by Ashley Jenkins 
No summary at this time

The Amazon Way by Rachel Hahn 
So just what were Ephiny, Solari and Eponin like when they were younger? 

The Amazons' Boy by Day 
Traveling to the Amazons, Xena and Gabrielle encounter an old acquaintance of the warrior and soon both of their lives, and the faith of the Amazon Nation are at stake

The Amazon's Breast by lucath 
Xena and Gabrielle help Ephiny out of an uncomfortable situation with engorged breasts

Amazons of Dahomey by Susan Smith
'Newlyweds' Xena and Gabby have to battle a deadly power play.

Among Friends by Katrina
Sequel to 'Matchmaker'. Gabrielle tries to change outdated amazon laws

The Amulet by D. J. Belt 
Xena and Gabrielle are enlisted by the goddess Artemis to join an old acquaintance of Xena's on a mission to unravel a dark mystery involving the missing remnants of the Amazon nation.

The Amphipolis Expedition by Felioness (Alt)
Uber. A young doctor, Brie, gets an assignment to colonize a distant planet with Commander Xandra

An Amazons Honor by Moonwarrior
Gabby and Xena are joined after rescuing Queen Melosa

Angel in My Eyes by Paully Adams 
It is a love story told from Gabrielle's point of view.

An Answer by Sara Miller 
Follows the episode Motherhood. Gabrielle and Xena sort out their feelings,with an assist from Eve and Aphrodite. Sweet vignettes

An Audience of One by thamiris 
Joxer becomes Ares' personal voyeur, and watches as Caesar leads the god down a path of degradation.

An Average Night by A. Nony Mouse - Story Lost - Please Email new link if you have it.
Xena and Gabrielle play with toys by the campfire.

An Awakening - Discovery by Hunter Ash 
Gabrielle learns some truths about her past and some surprises.

An Awakening Series 3: Amazon Bonding part 1 by Hunter Ash 
Summary unavailable.

An Awakening Series 3: Amazon Bonding part 2 by Hunter Ash 
Summary unavailable.

An Awakening Series 3: Amazon Bonding - Gabrielle part 1 by Hunter Ash 
Summary unavailable.

An Awakening Series 3: Amazon Bonding - Gabrielle part 2 by Hunter Ash 
Summary unavailable.

An Awakening Series 5: Trial of a Roman, Trial of a Couple by Hunter Ash 
Summary unavailable

An Awakening Series 7: Reunited by Hunter Ash 
Summary unavailable.

An Awakening: Part 8 - Ides of March by Hunter Ash 
The Amazons have been attacked and some taken prisoner, Gabrielle and Xena must figure a way to get them out of Rome before the Ides of March. There's one problem, Caesar and his crosses are waiting for them.

An Awakening: Part 10 - Even With Ares- by Hunter Ash 
Continuing story

An Awakening: Part 11 - Settling With Brutus by Hunter Ash 
Continuing story

An Awakening part 12: Darkness Awakening by Hunter Ash 
Continuing story

An Awakening: Part 13 - Amazons of the North by Hunter Ash 
Xena and Gabrielle take the family to meet with the Northern Amazons and have Sasha recognised as Gabriells heir. Xena must submit to these Amazons for her crimes against this tribe in the past.

An Awakening Part XIV- Amazon Darkness:  by Hunter Ash 
This is the fourteenth part in the Awakening series.

An Awakening - Part 15 - Wild Hunt by Hunter Ash 
Continuing story

An Awakening XVI by Hunter Ash 
Continuing Story Part 16

An Awakening Part 18: Chakram by Hunter Ash 
Continuing story: A runaway slave and his mystic brother ask Xena and Gabrielle's help in stopping their local war god, Kal, from obtaining the Chakram of Light.

An Awakening Part 19: Death and Rain by Hunter Ash 
Continuing story: Passing through a village becomes difficult when Gabrielle becomes trapped in a village struck with plague or worse.

An Awakening Part 20: Beowulf and Grendel by Hunter Ash 
Continuing story: Xena and Gabrielle travel North with two Amazons to rectify one of Xena's past mistakes and meets Beowulf, the Viking warrior

An Awakening Part 21: Nightstalkers by Hunter Ash 
Continuing story.

An Awakening: Blood Darkness (Part 22) by Hunter Ash 
Continuing story

An Awakening  Part 25 - Northern Scrolls by Hunter Ash 
Continuing story

An Embarrassment of Amazons by Penthesilia
Xena gets a surprise visit and some help from a group of little Amazons (Amazon)

An Evening Alone by Sara Brill
Gabrielle and Xena make their feelings known to one another. (very short)

An Imaginary Conversation by Dina Temporary Link. If you know a permanent one please email us.
Xena and Gabrielle teach Lucy and Renee how to add subtext

An Immortal's Redemption by G. L. Dartt
Sequel to 'Unicorn'. Callisto falls in love with an immortal

An Interview with Xena Amphipolis by Toutfolie 
Xena Amphipolis, the actress who plays Lucy Lawless is interviewed.

An Unlikely Pair by Adult Xena RPG Mailing List
Callisto finds comfort in Aphrodite. This story is from a role playing game where each character has written in their own parts

And A Nightingale... by The Fallen
Janice and Mel come together with unexpected results.

And It's Only Love by Kamouraskan 
Gabrielle talks Xena into returning a young boy to his mother.

And One Day, The Chick Will Take Flight by The Uberscribbler 
Fourth story in the "Big Surprises" series.

And 'Round We Go-Again by Cath, Bard 
Post FIN2 story. Contains Spoiler.

And We Did by FlyBigD 
A little interlude with Xena and Gabrielle at an Inn with musical accompaniment.

Ananke's Children by Amazon
Callisto finds a lover to help her get over Xena.

Ancient Amazon Secrets by Dreamweaver 
A small romp in the Amazon Village makes a warrior and bard very happy.

Ancient Law  by Larisa 
An old amazon law requires the queen to find a consort, and Xena must make it in time to be the one.

Ancient Secrets  by FlyBigD                                                                                                              No summary at this time

And A Nightingale... by The Fallen
Sequel to 'Who was going to miss an Angel or Two Anyway'. Janice meets Mel once more (very dark)

And Baby J S Stephens
Gabrielle is pregnant and Xena decides that a visit to Potedaia is in order...and finds herself face to face with Perdicas' family and friends, who are demanding vengeance for his death. (The sequel to "Armageddon", this is a Xena the Conqueror story.)

And Baby Makes... (2) by Carole Giorgio 
This new story is Not a continuation of the New Beginnings series - even though it seems like it is because it starts where the series left off, but this will be either a stand alone or a mini series in and of itself (if I continue on after the birth.)

And Fair Truth by de Bonheur
Xena believes that Gabrielle has been unfaithful*recommended by CN Winters*

And From A Grape . . . Came A Seed by Lead Fox 
Summary pending

And Gabby Makes Three by Kat 
Xena's pregnancy has put a strain on her relationship with Gabrielle.

And I think of Her.. by Zealander1
Xena's thoughts while making love to Gabrielle

And I Wait by Rosemary
A sweet first time story by the campfire.

And It Continued with a Skunk by Alexiares
Sequel to It All Began with a Trout

And It's Only Love by Kamouraskan 
Gabrielle talks Xena into returning a young boy to his mother.

And One to Grow On by Candace Chellew
Xena introduces Gabrielle to a new birthday custom.

And Sensitive Chats II by Kamouraskan 
Sequel to Sensitive Chats.

And Still She Follows by Cousin Liz
Xena's battle lust and Gabrielle's cure *recommended by CN Winters*

And The Walls Came Down by Archaeobard 
Janice has to deal with her feelings for Mel after the Southerner turns up at the university where she is working, many months after they split in Macedonia.

And Then There Were Two by Crys
Xena and Gabrielle track Caesars army - but is it?

And You Can Have This Heart to Break . . . by Kelley Piper
When Xena's past seems to be repeating itself, she is forced to let Gabrielle make the most important decision of their lives.

Angels Dancing: A Blood and Roses Tale by sHaYcH 
Set in the Blood and Roses alternate Xenaverse, Xena and Gabrielle recall the day Xena died. Xena then tells Gabrielle about her rebirth so that they could be reunited.

Anger Channeling by KitKat 
Strife helps Cupid deal with his rage.

The Angry Man by Rab Donald 
Xena and Gabrielle have to deal with an angry Spartan soldier.

Anguish by Zealander1
Xena's thoughts on Gabrielle's wedding night

Anniversary by Rosemary
Xena and Gabrielle celebrate after 8 years together.

Anniversary Song by Badkins 
Set before Antony & Cleopatra. As they try to reconnect, Xena and Gabrielle compare their taste in men and how they mirror their own characteristics -- and are the opposite of what attracts them in women.

Another Amazon Princess by My Osage
Can Gabrielle, a content, competent Amazon Princess and Xena, every amazon's fantasy, ignore their instant mutual attraction? I think not.

Another Beginning by S.Derkins
Take off of 'BTDT'

Another Begins by T Novan 
In part 100 of the Raising Melosa series, Mel has her joining ceremony. The end of Raising Melosa and the beginning of her Legends Legacy series.

Another Chance by Nalysia 
Picking up where Welcome Home left off, Xena sees that she has not been treating Gabrielle very well and wants to change that. Will Gabrielle be willing to give her another chance?

Another Clip Show by Alan Plessinger
Xena is injured and loses her memory. Gabrielle helps her regain her past. Contains flashbacks to several episodes.

Another Day Begins by HonorH 
After "Motherhood," Xena and Gabrielle reflect on what's happened between them.

Another Day in the Life (a.k.a. How Gabrielle Got Her Pink Nighty) by Barbara Davies 
In which Xena and Gabrielle face yet another giant...and Gabrielle acquires a new nighty.

Another Day In The Life by Jay 
What happens when a grouchy Warrior Princess with insomnia and her long-suffering sidekick stumble across some alternative XWP fanfic? Set after the end of season five.

Another One of Those Nights by Rab Donald 
Summary pending.

Another Quest by Red Hope 
No summary at this time.

Another Solstice by Cath Bard 
While traveling to Amphipolis for the holiday, Xena and Gabrielle helpa town struck with Black Fever.

Another Xena by Shadowdancer 
Xena and Gabrielle come to the aid of an amazon tribe.

Answers by sHaYcH
Sequel to 'Questions'. Xena finds Gabrielle's scroll

The Antonius Situation by CJ Wells 
In a sequel to her earlier Conqueror stories, Xena frees Gabrielle and then goes off to fight Mark Antony. Will she still be a gentle lover or will she return as the "beast"?

Anybody Listening? by Harpy 
Xena and Gabrielle are snowed in and avoid talking about what's on their minds.

Anyone for a Swim? By Euphonius [slash-m/m]
As the result of a sea voyage, Euphonius is reunited with someone he never expected to see again. Seventh part of the The Euphonius Scrolls series.

Anything by Suzar
Xena and Gabby spend some quality time together on a ship after serperating for a treaty signing.

Aphrodesiac By Cecil Sloan Johnson Temporary Link. If you know a permanent one please email us.
Ares' latest plot to get Gabrielle goes worong as he puts Aphrodite's newest love potion in Gabrielle's water skin and those that take a drink are Gabrielle, and then Hercules and Iolas.

Aphrodite's Apothegm by L. Anne Clark
Evening interlude.

Aphrodite's Catch by Charmer
Gabby is upset with Aprodite's interest in Xena

Aphrodite's Got A Secret by Lena 
Taking place after the episode Motherhood, this story takes on the "what if..."

Aphrodite's Gift by My OSage
Dite offers the girls a gift that helps them find love with each other.

Apotheosis by Joan the English Chick
Ares kidnaps a child and Xena and Gabby help the mother

The Apprentice by Bel-wah
Xena and Gabrielle meet an aquaintance of Xena's former warlord years.

Arcady Damned by de Bonheur
Ephiny's first love.*recommended by CN*

Ever wonder what happened to Mel when Xena took over her body in the XENA SCROLLS? Your questions will be answered in this clever story that finds Mel in a rather compromising position in more ways than one as she gets up close and personal with a certain ancient bard and has to deal with the infamous reputation of her deadly ancestor.

Aren't you too... by GabTBard
Gabby tells the story of how people knew about the love Xena and she shared before they did.

Ares' Game by M. Pappas
Xena is haunted by bad dreams about Gabrielle

Ares' Gift by Lena 
Gabrielle takes care of Xena after she is attacked. Warning this story does contain rape and its aftermath

Ares: Goddess of War by Murphy 
As punishment for messing with mankind, Zeus turns Ares into a woman.

Ares Last Sword by Patricia Winterburn 
Authors note: It was with sadness that I learned of the passing of Kevin Smith Feb. 16/02. I scrapped every story I was working on and decided to write one for him as Ares God of War. You will be missed.

Ares on Ares by Aly 
To win a bet with Cupid, the Alternative Universe Ares (God of love) has to have sex with this Universe's Ares.

Ares' Plan By Cris and Amy 
Ares thought he had a brilliant plan to get Xena back but that plan backfires with some humorous results.

Ares' Prize, Callisto's Revenge, Ruler Of Nations, Xena's Hop by Brianna Phillips
Series of short stories from Xena and Gabby's points of view

Ares with a Cherry on Top by Oshun Anat 
Strife and Cupid use Ares to try to decide which ice cream topping is best with sex.

Arex  by Shadowdancer 
Continuing story

Argo's Cargo by badbard
Rather sick of being 'ridden' by Xena AND Gabby, Argo tries out life as a human.

Argo's Protest by Moonwarrior
The mare's thoughts of her mistress and the bard

Arguing on the Ides by JadeCB

Armageddon Tired of Conquering by Joanna 
A humorous look at Xena the Conqueror.Complete.

The Arms of Consolation by Mary O'Merta 
Xena, Joxer, Hercules, and Iolaus are spending the night when an old friend shows up. Iolus decides to flurt with her to drive Herc wild and he (Iolaus) and Gennea wind up spending a wild night together.

As Darkness Fell
by Domenica
Gabrielle gives Xena an ultimatum - treat her better or she's gone

As He Slept by D. S. Bauden
Interesting twist on X and G first-time stories...the "he" of the title is Perdicus on the wedding night.

As It Should Be by CN Winters                                                                                                  Gabrielle's musings as Xena makes love to her at an amazon festival

As Long As Earth Endures by Bracer
Xena, Gabrielle and the amazons help Meleager save a cult of women from slavers.

As Long As You Follow by Kelley Piper
Continuing after "I Will Never Be the Same", Xena and Gabrielle arrive at the Amazon village to discover that they have been betrayed by a rebel and are taken to be sold as slaves.

As Much a Part by Euphonius  
Fourth part of the The Euphonius Scrolls series. Euphonius discovers what it truly means to oppose Dahak, when Iolaus comes to town to visit the original Iolaus' mother..

As The Bard Squirms by Wildbard
Xena and Gabrielle have a private party before joining the Amazons for the Dionysus festival

As She Sleeps by Watcher
Casey's musings the night before her wedding to Beth. Part of an on-going uber series

As The Candle Burns by Dark Angel
The sequel to The Price of Silence. Xena learns some things during her two candlemarks of pleasure with the blonde prostitute. Explicit.

As We Give Thanks by WLMcCord 
Set after Season 5’s Chakram, Xena and Gabrielle talk about their death and rekindle their relationship

As You Desire Me by PatR.
Janice and Mel meet in the states for a little whips and bondage. *recommended by CN*

As The Stomach Turns by Claire Withercross 
Gabrielle has a recurring problem...

Ascension by Penumbra 
Tells the eternal tale of betrayal, love and distrust as the forces of the nation of Hellas shift with the volatility of the screaming wind. The Conqueror is lost, in herself and in her sorrow, but can she be found? Sequel to Penance and Blood Meridian

Ashes by Firefly 
Cyane's story 

Ashes on the Wind by Jim Kuntz 
This sequel to The Will of the Lion completes the Battle of Zama Ridge.

Ask Solari by Mary E. Terrell
Solari has been hired as the new advice columnist for the Athenian Times.

Assassin by Amazon Moon
Callisto tries to corrupt a young woman into killing Gabrielle.

Assumptions by Culprit 
Xena and Gabby try to rescue a kidnapped princess

Aspen's Child by Culprit
Xena finds a child only she can see

Assassin, Oracle, Bard. by Bat Morda
Gabby's got two look-a-likes and one is out to kill her

Assassins by Della Street 
Xena is hunted and the duo must find out who it is before it's too late

Astarte in your Life by Rab Donald 
Xena and Gabrielle become lost in thick woods and find shelter in an abandoned Temple of Astarte. (Phoenician Goddess of Love) Trapped by an old adversary, Xena discovers that her companion has resourcefulness and skills well as love.

Asunder OH by Lizzy/Tendre (N10DRE2)
The king of Mecedon needs Xena's help

At A Distance by Melissa Good
Gabby must stay with the amazons as their queen while Xena visits her mom

At the Crossroads (Complete) by Medora MacD 
Set in early Season Three, before Dahak and the Rift stories.

At What Cost by TZ
Xena petitions the gods for Gabrielle's life.

Athena Is Coming by Jackie F 
In this sequel to An Intimate Conversation, Ares offers to help Xena defeat a vengeful Athena

Attack of the 50 Ft Bard - part 1 by Djwp 
Has Gabrielle gotten too big for her britches? Will Xena have her hands full? Hell hath no fury like a 50 Ft Bard scorned!

Attendants by Virginia Leonard
Xena and Gabby include the author in their latest adventure

Attraction by Jane (8thhouse) Temporary Link. If you know a permanent one please email us.
Gabby's one night stand with a village girl

Attraction (2) by Red Hope  
The third story of the third series.Attraction begins directly after the episode The Horde and Xena and Gabrielle head to the Amazons. Xena at that point is hardly speaking to Gabrielle and the bard can't but help wonder why. They begin to fight and Gabrielle turns to Ephiny for help.

Attention Shoppers by Lawlsfan 
More misadventures for Xena and Gabrielle; this time while shopping.

Aversion Therapy by Chris M Temporary Link. If you know a permanent one please email us.
After yet another hostage situation, Xena decides Gabrielle has become too careless, knowing that she will always be rescued. Xena takes it upon herself to help Gabrielle "remember" the consequences. First time story.

Awakening by Anita Louise
Sea is tormented by her love of Gabrielle.

Awakenings by Friction
Xena and Gabrielle are abducted by a warlord, but the Amazons think Xena is at fault.

Away From Home - Part 1 by Muzza
Xena leaves Gabrielle in Poteidaia to visit a dying friend.

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